AS2 service won't start

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AS2 service won't start

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AS2 service won't start


I've installed mandelson AS2 to run as a service (64-bit edition). I wanted to enable SSL support in jetty.xml. First i created a backup of jetty.xml, then stopped the AS2 service and edited the xml. Upon saving it, the service wont start again. It just starts and the stops. I've tried to copy the original file back but the issue remains. After deleting the mandelson_AS2_server.lock i can get the AS2Server64 to run, but the service still wont run. I've attached an image of output that i got prior to deleting the LOCK file.

Any help would be appriciated.
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please contact the mendelson support as this is the forum for the community edition of the mendelson software.